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Nos créations LaSauce sont des émulsions aux saveurs uniques préparées pour être gardées et servies fraîches, afin d'apporter les notes gustatives qui éveilleront vos envies et exhausseront les saveurs de vos plats préférés.



La Sauce reflects passion. In a sea of similar looking, mass-produced, synthetic condiments, La sauce stands out for it’s chef crafted approach. The ingredients are organic, all-natural and carefully selected. The flavors offer options for every discerning palette. You can taste the care and passion in every jar. 


La Sauce is balance. The rich taste offers a satisfying sensorial experience delivered as a premium food enhancer. Beyond the taste, La Sauce has been crafted with quality ingredients, no artificial flavors or preservatives. It never compromises. 


La Sauce is exciting. It delivers a new, innovative experience giving its users a reason to celebrate a core component of life. By creating deeply gratifying food experiences it is delivering an uplifting, joyful moment, every time you open a jar. 



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