Avec une explosion de saveurs épicées, LaSauce Chili est parfaite avec les salades, les sandwiches, les pâtes, les viandes ainsi que les fruits.


Adding a spicy kick to your dish, LaSauce CHILI & GARLIC creates an amazing explosion of flavors. 

Crevettes sur Endives et Noix - Shrimp on Endives with Walnuts

Ingredients (For 2 persons) :
- 1 large endive
- 8 raw deveined and peeled shrimp
- Whole Walnuts
- 4 Oz La Sauce Chili & Garlic

(Approximate time 12 mn)
- Wash and peel the endive, keep the biggest leafs and use them as boats for the dish
- Turn the heat on a skillet with 2 oz of grapeseed oil, cook the shrimp for 3 minutes on each side, remove from the skillet and let cool down for 5 minutes
- On a serving dish, put a drop of La Sauce Chili & Garlic where you will put he endive boats
- Add a spoon full of La Sauce Chili & Garlic in each boat and nest a shrimp on it
- Add the walnuts on the endive and on the dish for presentation
The shrimp need to cool down to be able to stay put on the sauce

Sandwiches a la Dinde - Turkey Sandwich

Ingredients (For 2 persons) :
- 4 slices of your favorite sandwich bread
- 2 Granny Smith apples
- 6 slices of turkey breast
- 4 Oz La Sauce Chili & Garlic

(Approximate time 5 mn)
- Toast the bread medium
- Spread La Sauce Chili & Garlic on both sides of the bread
- Chop the apple in very thin slices
- Fold and add the turkey slices on the bread
- Add a layer of La Sauce Chili & Garlic 
- Add the slices of apple on top and close with the second piece of bread
if you cut the sandwich in 4, its a very nice looking appetizer 

Hampe et Pommes de Terre au four - Hunger Steak and Mushrooms on Jack Potato

Ingredients (For 2 persons) :
- 1 Large Idaho potato
- 6 White Button Mushrooms
- 1 Hanger Steak, or 12 oz
- 4 Oz La Sauce Chili & Garlic
- Chive for decoration

(Approximate time 55mn)
- Cut the potato in 2 on the length side. Wrap both parts of the potato individually in aluminum foil and turn the oven on at 400 degrees, for 50 mn
- Sear the steak dry on the grill or in a skillet.
- Chop the mushrooms and sauté them in butter for 5 mn.
- Once the potato is cooked, open the foil, carve with a spoon the heart of the potato
- Mix the potato heart with the mushroom and 2-3 Oz of La Sauce Chili & Garlic. Add the mix on top of the half potato, cut the steak in slices and add some La Sauce Chili & Garlic on top of the meat.

Pâtes au Chili et Fromage - Mac'n Chili with red Bell Pepper

Ingredients (For 2 persons) :
- 1/4 of a pound of Macaroni pasta
- 1/8 of a pound of shaved Cheddar cheese
- 1 small  fresh red bell pepper 
- 4 Oz La Sauce Chili & Garlic

(Approximate time 20mn)
- Cook the Macaroni Pasta in hot salted boiling water
- Cut the bell pepper in 2 to remove all the seeds, then dice it in small cubes
- Once the pasta cooked and drain, place them in a bowl, add the cheddar cheese to melt in them
- once the cheese is melted, add the full jar of 4 oz La Sauce Chili & Garlic in the paste bowl, then mix it together with the bell pepper and enjoy.
- This recipe is a spicy take on Mac and cheese, if you do not want any dairy then just mix the sauce with the pasta and the bell pepper.

Sashimi de Thon, Riz et Concombre - Tuna Sashimi on Rice and Cucumber

Ingredients (For 2 persons) :
- Sashimi Grade Red Tuna
- Japanese Cucumber 
- Jasmine Rice, 4 Oz
4 Oz La Sauce Chili & Garlic

(Approximate time 15 mn)
- Cook the Jasmine Rice for 8-10 mn and put aside
- Cut the Cucumber in thick slices
- Cut the Tuna in Thick Slices
- On a serving dish, Layer the rice, then  La Sauce Chili & Garlic, then the cucumber and then the tuna. Add spots of sauces on the plate for color.